Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Moving on up, moving on out

Long overdue update on progress but I have been not working for a whole month now and have been so busy I don't know how I ever had time to have a job... ;)

We have also been out of our house for two weeks so someone else is paying the mortgage - first rent check received and everything! -  which is all good!

The whole clean up/distribution of belongings to friends and family went well - somewhat helped by having a handy van to transport things in...

But the task somewhat expanded to fill the time available so we were chased out of the house on one day by the carpet cleaners, so everything that lived on the floor ended up on the lawn...

...and the next day by the house cleaners so everything else ended up on the lawn.


But we were very luck with the weather and eventually it was all packed away in the garage in suitable water proof boxes surrounded by mouse poison - I have a whole lucky dip box of shoes to look forward to when we come back! -  and the midget was tucked away hibernating under the bed.

Best of all our fridge finally arrived - after a month of waiting and a change of supplier - and it fits perfectly in the gap!  just some plumbing (gas) and wiring and good to go!

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