Thursday, 26 November 2009

Public Appeal Broadcast on behalf of vans and van-dwellers in foreign parts (VI/VI)

This is a public appeal broadcast on behalf of vans and van-dwellers in foreign parts who are lacking in news and gossip and are becoming seriously out of touch with what is happening in the outside world. 

Many of you will have friends or loved ones affected by this terrible news shortage, the consequences of which are becoming more and more severe.  For each day that these van dwellers are without real news, they are forced to imagine what might be happening and as this tide of wild speculation rises and spreads, we can only fear for their sanity as they become increasingly out of touch with reality. 

However, you can play your part in preventing this seemingly inevitable downward spiral into a fantasy world of imagination and conjecture.   You may feel that you don't have time or anything interesting to say but don't worry, by donating just a few minutes of your precious time each week to the provision of news to these gypsies in need, be it general or specific, funny or serious, or even just inane chatter, you can put these poor people back in touch with the world they have temporarily left behind.   

Please send your donations to and please, do give generously. 

This has been a public appeal broadcast on behalf of vans and van-dwellers in foreign parts.

Norma broadcasts shall now be resumed.

Seriously, we have realised we are very out of touch.  Internet use is more limited than we originally anticipated and the precious time is spent uploading blog and pictures - so you know the minutiae of our daily existance! - or looking up chip data sheets or wiring diagrams (yes this is by choice!) rather than news websites and we haven't yet got into the habit of looking for english newspapers (which will probably be ridiculously over priced if the few english paperbacks I have found for sale are anything to go by) so it was only from a passing comment made during a brief phone call home at the weekend that we realised there has been serious weather in England - we hope you are all ok. 

It would be great to hear from you, just what you're up to and what is happening in the world, via emails which we can download when we have internet and then read later at our leisure.  Lots of love to you all x x x

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