Monday, 14 December 2009

apologies for lack of correspondence...

hi, quick note just to say sorry to all those who have emailed us recently and had no reply - not ignoring you honest!

We are suffering from chronically poor battery and lack of places with wifi where we can get the van so either have laptop and power (so can write blog) or laptop and internet (so can post blog and download email) but not enough battery time for anything else and no off-line email writing :(

Situation will be rectified at New Year when lovely parents come visiting bearing new battery!

Thanks for your emails and for sticking with us!  Currently in San Sebastian which is lovely but cold (2 degrees today with snow forecast!) so much for heading south for the winter for warmth :)  Have also run out of LPG so no tea, no cooking and an excellent excuse to eat out  every meal - it's a hard life ;)

Proper San Sebastian account to follow soon

lots of love to you and yours
x x

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