Sunday, 20 June 2010

picture marathon - all the wy back to hungary

that's three countries ago!


  1. I've seen your car in Wrocław at Saturday:) I like your vehicle [and bicycles] very much! How was in Wrocław, do you like it?

  2. We liked it very much thank you! it is a beautiful city and we had a lovely afternoon wandering round.

    we will be back there tomorrow before heading to the north east to the great lakes area so if you have any suggestions about places around Wroclaw or elsewhere in Poland we should visit on route, we'd love to hear from you!

  3. i've been in netherlands and i like it very much. now i want to visit this country again [maybe next holidays]. what do you think about bike trip from wrocław to alkmaar [i love this city]?
    ps. during your jurney where do you sleep? in the car or in hotels?
    ps2. i'm so sorry that i'm a little nosy, but i like to know people and the world [and to study and try my english also xD]

  4. Can't help with netherlands I'm afraid. We're from the UK and have only spent three days in amsterdam! (which was very nice :) )

    we have plenty of recommendations about places in england if you would like :)

    and yes, we sleep in the van on our journey - much cheaper than hotels