Thursday, 13 August 2009

Introducing Jules!

This is my new campervan called Jules!

Vital Stats:

Name: Jules
DOB: 1st Jan 1978
Nationality: America (Idaho) LHD
Engine: Type 4 Aircooled 2L Fuel Injected
Colour: Blue (with freckles and a go faster stripe)
0-60: yes!
Conversion: Riviera
- Walkthrough with poptop
- Sink with running water
- Two burner gas hob and grill
- fridge (yet to be bought)
- Sleeps 5 (!) , seats 4

The bodywork is solid, if a little "rat-look" (this year's in-look apparently!)

The interior is perfect.

The engine could be better, especially for a 2l and is drinking more oil than petrol - and spitting it out all over the drive :(

We have owned Jules for 7 weeks now and whilst we have done a lot there is still a lot to do, not least of which being reassembling the engine which is currently in pieces and scattered around the living room....

more on that to come :)

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