Monday, 31 August 2009

shopping list

so once the engine was out, we could see the full extent of the oily mess it was in

as one of the "known" causes for the oil leak was the pushrod tubes, Will decided to take it apart to see what was what and just kept going...

upon further disassembly, we found some rather important bits needed replacing including (amongst others);




This was all not good but better found now than en route...

I was dispatched to the garden to clean bits of tinware, and the crankcase and the heads were dispatched to a "properman" for further investigation.

Meanwhile, Will got on with ordering new bits which duly arrived, were found to be incorrect or faulty and had to be sent back and then were hideously delayed in being returned...

To deal with his frustration, Will got on with tidying the garage in preparation for the big rebuild....

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