Saturday, 12 September 2009

first day of the rest of our lives...

Will finished work on Friday and after a day "working from home" in Jules in the car park and drinking tea and eating flapjack, his career at DL ended in fine style at the Castle with beer and long shaggy dog tales (of both varieties - don't ask...). In anticipation of a long night out on the ale, we had already decided that driving home would not be a viable option so we spent out first night out away from home in Jules - and it was good!

This decision was met with some bemusement and questioning however

"Why do you want to sleep in the car park? Wouldn't it be more comfortable just to go home?
.... [realisation dawns]...
oh yes, you're going to live in that for the next year aren't you"

After a very good night out, Will was not so keen to face the day... much less go outside.

But with a cup of tea inside us we headed into town in search of breakfast,

stopping to climb castle hill on the way - something I have never done before - and it was glorious!

If this is how life is going to continue - bring it on!

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