Thursday, 10 September 2009

Tea in the (car)park and a date with destiny

Jules and I went for our first proper outing today, all by ourselves and it was good! Except for a bit of "finding reverse whilst being watched" stress, everything worked and I managed many complicated manoeuvres including "turn in the road using forward and reverse gears" (in three points!) and "reversing round a corner" with full use of mirrors and everything. Not quite brave enough for parallel parking yet but we will get there...

Following a yummy meal with some "ladies who could be easily persuaded to lunch", we had a lovely afternoon having tea and cake in the car park in Cambourne and being admired (Jules that is not me!) - thank you to everyone who came out for a poke around - Jules loved the attention :)

Best of all though is that we will be homeless from next friday! A lovely couple came back to see the house for a second time tonight and they want it as soon as possible ie next Saturday (19th) - nothing like a deadline to focus the mind...

So with Will's last day tomorrow, it looks like we might actually be doing this crazy thing... watch this space :)

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