Saturday, 3 July 2010


There is another reason why there has been a distinct lack of blog recently.  I have a new project.

Whilst walking the easy bits of Slovensky Raj, we got to talking, as you do, about how one would go about writing a suduko solver -something to do now we are bored of solving suduko puzzles ourselves....

I always said I might use this trip as an opportunity to learn a bit of programming - well, having lived with or near software engineers for over ten years and more recently recruited them, I figured I might as well find out what all the fuss is about... - and started with grand plans to come home having written my own ecu...

Well that's actually turned out to be a bit hard so I have happily left that to Will but, having already conquered assembler (well, helped Will in some small way to logic test and debug his ecu program), I am now learning C.

And after only a couple of days I am merrily if-ing, incrementing and while-ing all over the place! Hurrah!

It has, however, become somewhat of a mission and making it work is an obsession I didn't anticipate - I mean, I have enough blog and email and photo things to do with my share of laptop time, without fighting syntax  errors and inherant lack of logic!

But, triumph over adversity, prizes for perseverance, truth will out, stiff upper lip, blitz spirit etc etc have prevailed and it now solves easy puzzles, with a very self satisfied "Aren't I clever?!".  Sadly it is still "I am stuck :( " on the hard ones but I have a plan...

Is this sad? Or very very sad??

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