Monday, 19 July 2010

Land of the midnight sun

Written 18th July

Oh wow.  Just wow!  I don't know why sun at midnight should be any more exciting or beautiful than any normal sunset but it so is.

After a six-episode House Season Five marathon - OMG best series ever!!  Thank you so much Mr Toaster! - to keep us awake the sun crept round the headland and peeked out from the clouds just on midnight.

And it came properly out in time for 'real midnight' - ie not dayght saving time - an hour later

and we were able to follow the reindeer trcks along the beack for the view,

leaving Jules to bask in the unexpected glow.


And this morning, we met some new fellow travellers - Tara and Tyler from Minnesota, also heading north, who spent last year cycling from scotland to romania (!?!?), spent the winter in tunisia and who are now driving through russia to mongolia where they will pick up their bikes again and cycle to Kuala Lumpa.  See, we are actually perfectly normal!   

North pole here we come!

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