Friday, 20 August 2010

Back in Blighty!

Just a quick one.  We are safely back in blighty (arrived yesterday) and did indeed get our fabulous warm welcome from Brian and Ulla and are being thoroughly spoilt!

Ferry crossing good but poor Jules did not like the two 30 degree ramps to get onto the top car deck, and even less being made to wait halfway up.  and the handbrake broke.  which is a problem as this was Will's main method of encouraging it to coast to a stop at traffic lights and junctions etc so that he didn't need to take his foot of the accelerator to use the actual brakes, thereby keeping the engine running...

so now we have a van which doesn't like starting (starter motor is grumbling again even after its clean up) and doesn't like stopping...  ho hum

he is fettling it under the dashboard as we speak

I am sure it will all be fine... :)

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