Friday, 6 August 2010

Plenty more fish in the sea!

[pictures to follow]

Written 6th August

And there really are!! 

Sadly, Fish Olav Tryggvason decided he liked the weed at the bottom of the bridge support more than life on the open road. 

But he was swiftly replaced by his bigger brother, Fish Olav II, aka St Olav, who came to convert the little fishies from the futile worship of the seafisck god of water to the useful worship of the landfisck god of fire....  This is the food chain in action folks.  Greedy big fish eats little fish, greedy land fish (aka me) eats big fish.  Circle of life mate, innit. :)

Olav II had two happy converts almost immediately followed by a barren period where several little fishies took the first difficult step towards believing but then fell by the wayside (from several metres up!) shortly after the walking on water part when things got a bit hard - fish of today, just no commitment.  But the Good News was clearly out there.  Salvation from the murky depths and a swift ascension to bridge heaven was an path that many chose to take and ye verrily soon did our bag overfloweth with the bounty of the deep.  Hurrah!  And a properly serious ancient mariner standing next to us augmented out trawl with a few he didn't want - we don't know why he rejected them but never look a gift fish in the mouth.

By the time it started to spit with rain, St Olav had 13 disciples - not bad for a couple of hours preaching :)

So, cleaned, gutted and headless (the fish, not us), stocked up with bbq wood (Jules) and back on the road (all of us).  Just got to hope it stops raining before teatime. :)

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