Monday, 6 September 2010

Sign off

Welcome to John O'Groats where the local date is 27th August 2010.  Please remain seated with your seatbelts fastened until the van has come to a complete stop and the Captain has turned off the seat belts sign.

On behalf of the Captain and the Navigator, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for choosing Adventures of Jules Travel for your journey this year.

If you have any questions about the route we have taken or any comments about the service you have received throughout this voyage please do not hesitate to contact the Adventures of Jules crew at

In the meantime, we wish you a very pleasant onward journey and hope to have the pleasure of welcoming you on board again very soon



  1. There is nothing much to say - all the people who read your blog are more than impressed! I just want to congratulate you for being so dedicated and so brave to make your dream come true. A little more than a year ago it was just your dream to travel the whole Europe in your little van, and here you are now, you can proudly say that you have done it :)
    The other great thing to do was sharing your experiences with the public, writing this blog. I liked your writing style, the facts and your observations were well presented, never tedious, never lacking humour and self-criticism. You have done a great job and as you say, this blog really became epic.
    There is SO MUCH precious info and recommendations written here that many of us will find highly useful when visiting some of these countries. You have done a great thing for the whole van-dwellers community, making our future european journeys easier, better, cheaper.

    Also, as a classic veedub fan, it is always a pleasure for me when someone shows to the world what some 30+ year old VW can do when put in the right hands, and Will definitely showed many advanced mechanic and electronic skills which kept Jules running for so many kms/miles and safely brought you home.

    And, as I stated once earlier, you definitely moved the boundaries what can be done in a little van like Jules is...

    I can personally say that now, influenced by your journey, it is more lightly then ever, that in the upcoming years I will make a journey to some far remote, less known country, possibly even cross to another continent with my van... It seems much easier now, after reading how you managed to completely beat the fear of uncertainty, dealing sensibly with all unpredicted situations that might occur.

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us,

  2. Epic, simply epic.

    What a great pleasure it’s been, having met you under serendipitous circumstance, to have had the pleasure of joining you on your journey.

    Your ‘That’s all folks’ is a masterpiece finale to truly the very best camper travel blog I’ve found.

    A book to follow in due course I hope?

    And what about the gallant, heroic Jules – what can I say? Treat him to a brand new (reconditioned) starter for a start! What a little gem – I was pretty well convinced you would be calling up the family ‘backup’ van after you piled on the milage. Full marks to the mechanic.

    So now get yourselves back to work, relax a bit and plan the next adventure.

    Truly been a pleasure to follow you.

    Willum (and Bear of course)

  3. Becky,I met you in a little waterfront cafe, in Oporto,on a very wet,chilly and windy morning - New Years Eve! It was great to chat about your adventures since leaving the UK and your plans for the great adventure ahead of you.Made even more interesting as my son is a VW van fanatic - owning and restoring many old vans and camper vans. I have followed you from start to finish and have so enjoyed your blogs and beautiful photos - enabling me to "revisit" many places that I have been to and many more that you have inspired me to visit.Congratulations on completing your fantastic trip and I look forward to the next!!! Stella Stoneham

  4. Eric Lorriman---RondaMonday, February 21, 2011

    Absolutely brilliant.The best detail anybody could ever want on a tour into Europe.If you wrote a book of it all or just copied your blog in book form,then it would be the best travelguide on different places ever needed by tourists.Eric from Ronda.