Thursday, 29 April 2010

Progress Report and an Appeal to any Croatian Electronic Engineers...


Good News:  Thanks to Hrvoje and his paint shop recommendation I have caught up with my daisies!  :)

6months, 10,000 miles and nearly half a van.  Looks good doesn't it!

Bad News:  Whilst I was doing this in a sunny layby on the road above Brela, Will was blowing up bits of his electronics projects. :(

Specifically he needs 2 new PIC 16F876 or 16F873

If we can find somewhere to get those, he also needs:

several 5v Zenner diodes
9 pin male D-sub connector
9 pin female D-sub connector
4 USB A recepticle (could take these out of a cheap USB hub if available)
U.FL pigtail for fitting an external aerial to the laptop

This last is definitely a wish not a real need and is therefore less urgent!

We are currentlyen route to ploce, planning to head to Trpanj tomorrow on the ferry for a day trip to Korcula,  Ston on Saturday then to Dubrovnik.  Current plans have us heading out of Croatia on Tuesday night bound for Greece by way of Bari, but we can stay longer if we can get the bits :)

Does anyone know if there any shops between here and Dubrovnik that might sell these bits??

If anyone can help us find the bits Will needs, please drop us a line

In other news, we had a lovely couple of days in Split, and spent today on the beach and swimming in the sea!  more on that in due course....

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