Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Unfinished Business

written 17th April

So as you will all know or have guessed, Ryanair cancelled all flights until monday at the earliest, and as Will needed to be home for something on Monday at 9:30, he has abandoned all hope of getting there.  Fortunately Ryanair have said they will refund the money for the whole trip - it looked for a while like they might tell him that as he had already checked in to his return flight, there was nothing they could do to change or refund that one, but it seems that, under the current exceptional circumstances, they are going to waive this restriction.  So, given that it is still likely that he wouldn't have needed to go anyway, we at least get the money to spend for the next time he has to go back.  so all good.

And he is here and not there, which is good for me, although I have to confess, with gasket sorted, I was quite looking forward to a short period of lone adventuring, girl and van at large in Slovenia.  Just to prove I could.  But there we go.  I didn't even get to try any slovenian cheese!!

What is worse though, is that we have unexpectedly found ourselves in croatia and are not going back to Slovenia, and I hadn't finished!  Isola was so nice for a couple of lazy days and I was saving some things, Piran, salt marshes, an actual open salt making museum - we have been to 4 salt marshes so far and still don't really know how they work! - and Alice in Wonderland in English at the cinema to do with my freedom.  I would have been too busy to pine or be lonesome!

So, this should be a best of's for Slovenia.  But there are no best of's.  It is all best!  and we didn't even get across the Vrsic Pass or to the Beld Vintgar (gorge) due to being here too early in the season.  and now I have found my self unexectedly wrenched away, with a feeling of unfinished business, and wanting more, I imagine it will remain best!

For a tiny, unconsidered country, it has been amazing - I think you got that by now ;)

Its flag covers all the things I have loved the most - rivers and mountains under a starry sky -  but misses out the crystal clear lakes, the rolling hills, the emerald green valleys, the easy-going capital city, the diversity of things to do and see and the warm and welcoming people.  There is something for everyone here, whether you like coast or mountains, walking, hiking, climbing, abseiling, rivers, rafting, kyacking, sailing, hot air ballooning, paragliding, riding, caves, castles, museums, art galleries, shopping, strolling, peace and tranquility or adventure and really wild things.  You can ski, snowboard, toboggan or huskey dog sled one day (ski season only ended last week), be on the beach or on the water the next.  The beer is good, the nice wine is lovely, the cheap wine is no worse than any other cheap wine we have bought, the bread is fantastic, the food delicious.  I could go on for hours but that would be dull..  eventually... ;)

So, lets face it, its not a question of if you come here, quite honestly, its when.  and how.   and what you like doing.  I'll leave it to you to decide that....  but under my self imposed remit of one woman tourist board, here are a few things which might help...


But as I say, not going back now, unexpectedly in Croatia, haven't read the books, or tried to learn any language - although so far the little bit of slovenian I picked up; Dober Dan hello, hvala thank you, zva two, pivo beer  and kava coffee, seems to work here too, just need to master molim please, rather than prosim and we'll be away!  all life's essentials covered... ;)

onwards once more then dear friends and into the unknown and outside the EU for the first time....

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