Monday, 24 May 2010

The Long Drive North: Abridged Version

Written 23rd May

We drove north. 

It was a long way.

With an accidental mountain pass detour from the main road en route in the afternoon.

But the Rio Bridge at Patras made it a much shorter journey than it otherwise would have been.

The end.


We didn't go into Olympia in the end.  We looked at the postcards in the museum shop, decided,  'meh' we just weren't €9 each interested.  So back on the road.

Good job too, the bridge being a extortionate €12!!  €1.80 for a bike the twelve euros!! for a car.  I think she was initially going to charge us van rates (€18!!) but when, having run out of cash, we found that she couldn't take credit cards in her booth - €12 and they don't have a card machine?! - and we had to go to all of the palava of going into the main desk, they somehow missed the van-ness of Jules, luckily.  I mean, it is a nice bridge and all, but you get more bridge for your money at dartford.  Even Millau is only €6.  And that's the biggest bridge of its type!

More north again today, mostly on dull straight roads, but they have been perfect for fettling purposes.  Will has changed the sampling program and solved the maths error (a misunderstanding between him and the 'project' as to which numbers were supposed to be in hex and which not) and with me at the wheel and him poking the fuel mix, we have something approaching a cruise map and a WOT map.  Exciting stuff.  Celebrated with the biggest gooey buns in greece.  Mmmm schticky

And whilst he fiddled, Jules and I had fun barrelling along at 70mph - yes the dizzying speed of 70! - in the sun.

and then it rained, just when we wanted mountain views :(

hint: the mountain is the grey fuzzy thing

And we are now at the foot of Olympus, home of the Gods.  Seems they are not at home to visitors today - lights off, clouds drawn down, all quiet - but we'll see if they're in tomorrow.

And we have run out of gas - kinda as expected given how high the fridge has been turned up recently.  But we know where to get some in Thessaloniki tomorrow and no better excuse needed to go out to dinner.  Moussaka will be mine....  muhahahahahha


[EDIT:  moussaka was indeed mine, and it was indeed the food of the gods

mmmmmmmmmm  ambrosial

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