Monday, 24 May 2010

on the edge of the unknown

written 24th May

We went up to visit the Gods,

well the bottom of their garden path anyway. 

But it was wet, and a long way up, and there didn't seem to be any chance of getting anywhere interesting by starting up the path.  So we didn't.

 and went back down

and headed on north.  so we are now 40k's away from Bulgaria.  how exciting is that!  a whole new country, new currency and a new alphabet.  just when I had finally got my head round the last one...

We did get gas though, so if only we could find some milk in this shuttered up town where the only shops open seem to be fancy sticky bun shops - I mean, how many fancy sticky buns do you need when you can't by bread or milk at 4:30 on a monday??? - and it has not exactly been hardship without.  I mean, it is hardly freezing and snowing, like the last time we ran out of gas...

As I have said already, so won't go on again, you have enough to read from the last few days!, Greece has been lovely for a holiday.  It is welcoming, friendly, easy and relaxed with (mostly) lovely weather - everything small-van-dwellers like! - a bit like the Algarve of Europe in fact.  But, like the Algarve, you can have too much of a good thing, when that good thing is much the same day after day - how am I ever going to manage in a house again if I get bored after two and a half weeks in the same country, let alone village! -  and lazing around on a beach down here is not going to get us to Nordkapp(sp?) by mid august!!  so onwards and upwards.

Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia here we come - that's how far I have got in my new LP book :)

not sure what internet availability will be like so don't worry if it all goes quiet for a bit, although, I have thought that with every border crossing and been pleasantly surprised.  so we shall see...

oh it is exciting!

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